Who are we?

I´m Roberto Álvarez Terán, bolivian lawyer, 30 years old. I studied at Catholic University of Bolivia (2000-2005). I finished my studies with a thesis which investigates Labeling Approach in the Bolvia´s Citizen Security Law of 2003.

Then I studied in at Justice Studies Center of Americas at Chile, presenting a final essay about the public defenders criminalizing practices.

In 2008 I studied at Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. Corruption and Rule of Law masters degree doing my research about corruption crimes and bargaining law in Bolivia. Now I´m doing the PhD Degree and working in the Joint Investigation methods between two or more countries, perspectives from European Union and Mercosur Community.

My first job was in MSD/USAID Bolivia as a practitioner. I was working in the Justice Reforms Program. Then I worked in the same program at the German Development Agency (GTZ). In 2004-2005 I have a little experience in the Bolivia´s Public Defenders Office and Checchi & Company for USAID, too.

My best job ever was the Prosecutor´s Office in La Paz I was there since 2005 to 2008.


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