• To participate, send your collaboration and opinion, send us a mail to BJG privileges the info that could be used to investigate the Bolivian Judicial System and those info, opinion or investigations which could make changes in the usual perception about which are the solutions for this judicial system. In few words, what, besides approving new laws, we could do to understand and change the awful reality.
  • You could send us an article giving your own opinion for the “Opinion” section. Don´t forget to check BJG opinion policies 
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Opinion Policies

  • BJG shares information about the real conditions under which the Bolivian Judicial System works. The laws and the way in which those  are applied aren´t part of the objectives of BJG.
  • Bolivian Judicial Gap is an initiative with the aim to discuss about future judicial reforms in Bolivia, mainly developed from this three perspectives: i) Knowledge about the Bolivian Judicial System real situation  ii) Experiences about the Bolivian Judicial System which comes from users and actors.
  • Bolivian Judicial Gap is an initiative with the aim in make wide informed debates and discussion about the Bolivian Judicial System conditions. This debate will generate a public opinion with the aim to confront those common ideas (political and law enforcement practitioners ones) about what we have to do in this judicial system.
  • Bolivian Judicial Gap thinks that the debate and discussion about the imprisonment conditions is also necessary. BJG thinks that the jail is not a place where people can understand and learn how to live in peace and freedom. The jail is part of the society in which it grows.