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This time and as the first news about Bolivian judicial system and topics related, we share an opinion from former President of Bolivia, Carlos D. Mesa Gisbert who expresses about the war on drugs.


To Stop the Blood-Drowning Situation in Latin -America

With strong examples and powerful facts, Carlos D. Mesa Gisbert, former President of Bolivia (2003-2005), expressed his opinion against war on drugs. Last Sunday in his current opinion space in Bolivia´s newspaper, Pagina Siete, Mr. Mesa calls to start the debate about legalization or decriminalization in order to stop the blood river in the continent.

Three main ideas constitute his argument in favor of modify the strategy in the “war on drugs”. First, describing the social experience about the cartels and violence in México (and the whole continent) concludes that the “Narcos”, even death, are powerful and be present as a symbol in the society; taking the specific example about the murder of “Los Zetas” boss.

The Narcos and the war on drugs are responsible of violence that could go beyond our imagination and film fantasies, resulting in the social sensation of insecurity and defenselessness. This reality is so huge and terrible that international organizations couldn’t do anything to change the situation.

The circumstances penetrate deep in the entire establishment and in the social institutions, such as the economy, the army, the law enforcement, the government, the banking around the world. Which is terrible and undeniable in Latin America is the violence and number of crimes related drugs and the law enforcement. The war on drugs also feed a huge enterprise and bureaucracy.

Latin-American people and countries, in words of the former president Mesa, put the victims in this “war” and huge numbers of indescribable violent murders. Cities such as San Salvador, Caracas, Rio, Juarez or Tegucigalpa lives in terrible violent conditions and Bolivia (traditional peaceful country), start to follow this terrible road.

But the United States and Europe, thinks and says that the war on drugs must continue, keep walking in this failure path, blinded about who puts the bodies for the bullets. Years ago, there were some countries which consume drugs, now the drug consumption is a global problem and the war on drugs didn´t change the situation.

The United States has to change his strategies on “war on drugs”, and the international community has to demand a radical change in this order to stop the violence and stop the blood-drowning in the continent.

You can read the entire article here:


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