About Bolivian Judicial Gap

The traditional absence of Judicial Power In Bolivia shows that today, like 30 years ago but facing a military dictatorship period, the Judicial Power and the Prosecutors´ Office are not able to defend the law and defend the people against the power, the real power. This situation belongs not only in the daily situation that people have to experiment in the court house with our usual improvised institutions.

Politicians and judges always show an awful discourse about their duties and their ethic behavior, this situation is related with the irrational criminal exercise every day. In comparison there are a lot of people and institutions that always finish unpunished. By the way the explanations based on real situations and investigations are not covered by the official discourse, and this official discourse has more attention in the press and the public opinion every day, frequently pressing to make another legal reforms.

But investigation is really difficult to do, the sources are not common and opinions, articles and papers are , one to the other, really far away. This is the main objective for bolivianjudicialgap, to gather judicial information about the Bolivian Judicial Power, trying to promote studies and knowledge about it. bolivanjudicialgap thinks that this is one of the first steps to know the problems and to discuss real public policies about justice in Bolivia.

So, after these words welcome to bolivianjudicialgap


  • Need to establish a “State of the art” about the Judicial Power in Bolivia, this will be the first step to discuss public policies in justice. This is the only way to discuss if we share the same problem and which is this?
  • We also need to encourage a gradual development of expert opinions. This opinion has to be connected with the real problems and the real world. This work has to give their acknowledgments to the society trying to enhance the public opinion about justice.
  • Bolivianjudicialgap has to be one space to face the most regular and extended opinion about the justice in Bolivia.



New Documents about Bolivian Judicial System

There are new documents about Bolivian Judicial System loaded in THIS LINK. Soon and step by step we will put new sources and references, many other documents and info about Bolivian Judicial System.

Its usual to find info and sources in spanish language, but some of them are in english. If you are able to read and understand the spanish language, we  offer the main blog: Tercer Cisma.

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German TV documentary about Bolivian prison

This is one of the very best known TV documentary about jails in Bolivia. In this time, it refers to “Palmasola” Prison the biggest jail in Bolivia, placed in Santa Cruz.

It´s made in German language, so I can´t understand but the images could talk by themselves.

Video link

At the same time, as many people knows, some years ago tourists can visit San Pedro Jail in La Paz. Lonely Planet used to advice this activity as one of the most amazing and rare things to do in Bolivia. Here we have the sources:

Lonely Planet                Lonely Planet 2               Lonely Planet 3

The Guardian               Landlopers